Jewellery is more than just a fashionable piece that you can combine with your outfit; it is an intensely personal way to express your style and personality. Buying jewellery can be a daunting task, especially if it’s a gift. It is therefore important to do research before buying jewellery and to directly inquire in the store about the particular piece of jewellery in which you are interested. Furthermore, you need to know who you are buying it for. Jewellery is not universal, and certain types of jewellery will speak more to certain types of personalities and fashion styles.


Diamond Rings


Diamond rings are pieces of jewellery that are both elegant and practical. They astonish everyone with the colours they reflect and suit just about everyone, from youngsters to elderly. When you are shopping for diamonds, look for a certain connection with it and let it speak to you. If you see a certain design that you do not like or something else that bothers you, do not buy it. Buy something you will enjoy and will wear either almost every day, or on special occasions. If you like wearing light colours, stick to the silver diamond rings, but if you are wearing darker colours, then yellow gold rings are better suited for you. Boulevard Diamonds offers a variety of popular brands and colours, from silver or yellow gold to rose gold. Stones come in different shapes and sizes, and you are bound to find something you like.


Diamond Pendants


Diamond pendants are a stunning and meaningful gift for any special occasion. They have a classic design and popular appeal, making it a perfect jewellery piece to become a family heirloom. When choosing a pendant, it is important to review the diamond closely as it is the centrepiece of the necklace. Diamond pendants range from 14k white gold to those in yellow gold settings. If you are aiming for something simple, choose a bezel bubble or black diamonds pendant. If you are searching for something more meaningful, then there are heart-shaped pendants and even pendants with certain inscriptions on them. It is all about finding the right type for the right occasion.


Diamond Earrings


Diamond earrings are something that you can wear for special occasions, such as formal events and elegant dinners. They can also be for every day, such as work or day to day life. The most beautiful earrings are the ones that suit the occasion the most. For formal events, pick something simple and subtle. Such are 10k white or yellow gold diamond hoop earrings. If you are attending an elegant dinner or a gala event, you should aim for something that will shine and be the centrepiece of your outfit. Drop style earrings, such as a white gold Pavee set or rose gold drop earrings with a Canadian diamond, will do the job. Lastly, if you are looking to wear diamond earrings to work or another day to day occasion, a pair of diamond studs will give you the comfort, professionalism, and elegance you need. Studs can vary from yellow and white gold to those with certain gemstones such as diamonds or emeralds.


Diamond Bracelets and Necklaces


Diamond bracelets are a beautiful piece of jewellery given for anniversaries, holidays or special milestones. Such is a diamond tennis bracelet which offers different styles, one of which will most likely appeal to you or your loved one. They are usually made of 14k and 18k gold, or platinum. Styles vary from cluster bracelets to those featuring other gemstones such as emeralds, rubies or sapphires. Diamond bracelets complement most styles and will surely go along with any type of jewellery.


When it comes to diamond necklaces, no necklace screams elegance like a traditional diamond necklace. The classic design can feature a diamond pendant at the end and should not reach farther than the collarbone. If you are looking for a formal event type of necklace, be sure to pick only one colour. For other events, you can choose a necklace paired with other luxurious gemstones, such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. There is no limit when combining these gemstones with diamonds and different outfits.


Jewellery Store


If you are looking for a Canadian jewellery store, be sure to visit Boulevard Diamonds, a store with over 15 years of dedication to jewellery, gemstones, and diamonds. Apart from a variety of jewellery displayed at the store, they also offer excellent service and help by professional and knowledgeable staff. If you cannot visit them in person, then you can check the online jewellery store with interactive menus, great images, and descriptions. In addition, there is a blog where you can find out more about the jewellery or even contact their staff and have your questions answered.



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