Jewellery is not just a fashion piece or accessory. It is one form of self expression and one of the best ways to enhance your look. There are a number of jewellery options that you can adopt as your signature style. And there is no better way to complement your outfit than by wearing a designer luxury piece. Boulevard Diamonds offers amazing, stylish and different pieces of designer jewellery, such as Mark Schneider, Keith Jack, and NUCO jewellery, and much more. From simple and humble jewelry to new and creative pieces, these designers always find a way to surprise and impress us.


Mark Schneider

Mark Schneider rings are personally designed by this award-winning designer. It is always wonderful to see how a ring goes from a simple idea to a handcrafted masterpiece with beautiful industry-leading design. Mark Schneider’s reputation in the industry is so respected because of his introduction to coloured gemstone designs with clean and fluid lines. His philosophy is to completely involve himself in the process, which is why his jewellery is so unique and collectible.


Noam Carver

Noam Carver is a designer and goldsmith known for his extreme attention to detail, which is one of the reasons why he gained international recognition and has won numerous awards. Noam Carver rings are a perfect mixture of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. It offers quality, beauty, and comfort with all of the sophistication needed for a timeless jewellery piece. This brand offers one of the best engagement rings which are fully customizable to any liking and taste.



If you are looking for exceptional wedding rings, look no further than Carlex. It is one of the premier jewellery brands for men, setting high standards for excellence and offering unique design and comfort. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colours, promising to fit every man and his fashion style, as well as personality.



Lafonn rings are a pure statement of elegance and include a handcrafted wealth of designs, from precious metals to simulated diamonds and colourful gemstones. Everyone has a chance to find their own flawless and exquisite piece of jewellery, bringing perfection to everyday life.


Gabriel & Co

Gabriel & Co engagement rings are one of the most prestigious jewellery pieces in the world. This company upholds strict procedures to ensure superior quality and design. The engagement rings are perfect for celebrating this memorable and genuinely joyful occasion. The company is collaborating with numerous designers and manufacturers in the world, bringing new inspiration and cultural influences to the table. Ordinary elements are transformed  into an extraordinary piece of jewellery, carefully handcrafted with love. Gabriel and Co stackable rings are also available for sale at Boulevard Diamonds. You can play with different types, choices, and techniques, mix and match rings, in order to create your own style.


Keith Jack

If your style is not fitting for classic pieces and you are looking for something completely different and rare, then Keith Jack rings are perfect for you. His jewellery draws inspiration from the raw beauty of nature and the Scottish and Irish landscapes. He managed to combine precious metals and exotic gemstones with ancient Celtic symbolism. His jewellery pieces are elegant and stylish, standing for true love, tradition, and bond.

Remember that you can never go wrong with any of these designer pieces found at Boulevard Diamonds. Store's highly dedicated staff understands the power of jewellery and its significance, as well as the impact it has on our lives.