What Does a Three Stone Ring Symbolise

What Does a Three Stone Ring Symbolise

   Three Stone Rings and Their Symbolism


 Jewellery is not only a fashion accessory, it is also an amazing way to make a statement of sentiment and love. One piece of jewellery that is known to carry the most sentiment is a diamond ring. Throughout history, diamond rings have been highly favoured and sought after because of their beauty. Among the more popular types of diamond rings are three stone rings. Aside from the beauty and elegance of a three stone ring, it also has a long history of symbolism.


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Engagement Rings


 A ring with a single diamond is known as a solitaire ring. This ring symbolizes love, bond, alliance or eternity, and is traditionally offered as an engagement ring. When the ring features three stones, it is known as a trilogy ring, one of the great classical pieces of jewellery. The three precious stones are often diamonds, with either a white gold, yellow gold or platinum band. However, other coloured stones can be incorporated, such as a ruby, emerald or sapphire. The stones can be mounted on claws or set flush within the ring. The stones can be displayed in identical sizes for a surprising diamond river effect, or be different sizes, with the central stone being bigger than those surrounding it. The three stone rings are a very popular choice for wedding or engagement rings due to its symbolism.




The number three leads to many interpretations and therefore, the symbolism of these rings is very strong, which explains its immense success. The most common interpretation of the three stones is the symbolism of the past, the present, and the future. It portrays all the good and bad times the couple went through, as well as moments spent together. It also represents happiness, joy, and love they feel in the present moment as well as good moments and memories they will share in the future.


Another interpretation involving the three stone ring is that it means the strength of the relationship, symbolized by the central stone. The stones surrounding it can adopt the same or different sizes or colours, representing the always balanced symmetry and harmony of the relationship. The three stones also symbolize the life together and the love of two committed beings. The central stone is the relationship, while the two other stones represent “you” and “me”.



Other symbolisms include:

  • Man, earth, and sky
  • Birth, life, and death
  • Wisdom, strength, and beauty
  • Body, soul, and spirit.


Whatever interpretation you like best, offering a trilogy ring can have a deep meaning for you and your loved one. This is why it is often chosen as an engagement or wedding ring, a promise of love and fidelity, and a symbol of hope for a lifetime romanticism.



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White Gold Diamond Ring


Princess Cut Three Stone Ring


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If your loved one is the romantic type and wants her ring to tell a story, you should definitely consider the three stones ring. It allows you to get creative as there are many different styles from which to choose, as well as the numerous symbolisms attached that can have a long-lasting impact on your relationship and life spent together.


The versatility of the ring offers the possibility of creating your own story and symbolism, which will definitely make the ring even more unique!