The Significance And Meaning Of Right Hand Rings

The Significance And Meaning Of Right Hand Rings

While the act of wearing right-hand rings is not new, it is only today that the trend has picked up again, especially among women.


For these ladies, wearing their diamond rings on their right hand means several things. In this article, we will look at the many significant reasons why a woman will want to wear their rings on their right hand.


To Signify Independence


Right hand rings were originally called cocktail rings, and the trend of wearing these jewelleries has its roots in a social expression of defiance and independence.


Wearing rings on the right hand became excessively popular in the Western world, particularly in the United States, during the 1920s. In this particularly colorful decade, the Prohibition Movement was at its peak in America, and people were forced to avoid drinking alcohol in public.


Yes, alcohol was banned in the United States during this time. However, drinking is undeniably a social activity, and it was only a matter of time before people started going underground where they defy the Prohibition with their secret parties.


Many of the participants in these underground drinking parties were women, and these ladies introduced the idea of wearing their brightly colored and flamboyantly designed rings on their right hand. It was these ladies’ means of communicating their disagreement with the Prohibition movement, and the nationwide ban on the production and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Thus, the idea of wearing right-hand rings to send a message of independence and defiance for the rules began.


These days, the main proponents of wearing rings on the right hand continue to be women. These are financially independent women who are able to save up money and purchase rings for themselves on their own. They simply don’t wait for men to come up and buy them a ring - they do so on their own terms.


In fact, in 2003, the world saw a very successful marketing campaign that targeted single but financially independent women.


In that year, De Beers’ marketing teams conceptualized an idea that would help the company raise their sales of diamond rings. These experts came up with effective slogans and set the campaign in motion.


The result? It was impressive. De Beers saw a 15% increase in the sale of its diamond-studded rings. With slogans that extolled and praised the financial independence of single women, the success of the campaign was guaranteed from the very beginning.


To Define Marital Status


We are used to the idea that wedding rings go to the left hand, but that is not always the case in many places in the world. The fact is - there are actually no cut-and-dried rules on which finger these rings will go.


For instance, people in several European countries actually wear their wedding rings or wedding band on the ring finger of their right hand. Try to ask people who live in Spain, Russia, Poland and Germany, and they’ll tell you exactly that. In fact, in Germany, engagement rings are first worn on the left hand, and then are transferred to the right hand when the couple are formally married in a ceremony.


The Chinese even have their own twist for wearing their rings for wedding and marriage. After getting married, the wife will wear the ring on her right hand as a symbol of her responsibility of taking care of the household. The man keeps the ring on his left hand.


The Middle Eastern countries of Lebanon and Syria, and neighboring Turkey, have their own traditions as well. Lebanese couples put their engagement rings on their right ring finger until after they are married in a traditional ceremony. Curiously, you can also find the same tradition in Brazil, a nation that is an ocean away from these countries.


The LGBT community also recognizes right hand rings as signs of engagement and marital status of its members. So, the next time you see a gay or lesbian couple that you know wearing rings for wedding or engagement on their right hands, make sure to give them your greetings.


The Choice is Yours


In the end, you don’t really need a specific reason to wear your right hand ring. If you got something worth celebrating like a job promotion, or ticking off one item from your bucket list, by all means, get yourself a diamond ring that you’ll wear on your right hand. 


There are also many designs and styles to choose from. All you need to do is to know your preferences, and you’ll find more than choice that fits you in the market.