Pandora Charms: Great Christmas Presents

Pandora Charms: Great Christmas Presents

What makes the perfect Christmas gift for a special lady in your life?

Mother, daughter, girlfriend, wife. There’s a special Pandora Charm for each of them that will leave them feeling loved, special and overjoyed on Christmas Day (and beyond). And that is what makes Pandora Christmas Presents perfect.

Show your mother how much you appreciate what she has done with this special Mother Charm.

Your daughter represents the third generation of the lovely ladies in your family: this Three Generations Charm represents that.

You love your girlfriend with all your heart:  this perfect You & Me charm shows exactly that in just a small piece of jewelry.

It’s the 30th Christmas spent with her as husband and wife: give her this 30 Years Of Love charm.

Pandora Jewelry can represent a passion, a memory and a feeling. That’s why we are proud to be a Pandora Store. It’s the feeling we get, from helping you capture the feeling you want. It’s the love we feel through you!

We carry almost 300 different charms, so you can get the feeling just right! Don’t believe me, well look here.

One year from now (or even just months from now) you can bring all the passion and memories back when you add a new Pandora to their collection. Now, when they look at their Pandora bracelet, they’ll take a trip down memory lane to that special Christmas, or way back to the memory the charm represents.


If you’re a boyfriend or husband reading this: you can’t go wrong! Just read this article on the 11 Things Every Good Boyfriends Needs to Know About Pandora.


Parents gifting a charm will feel the love even 50 years from now, when their daughter finds it among her other bracelets. A Christmas to truly remember.


Be warned, there are plenty of fake Pandora websites out there. But Boulevard Diamonds is an authentic and official Pandora Store in Edmonton. Our staff is knowledgeable of the product and can help you turn an idea into the perfect Christmas gift.


Buying online? Well, we can help there too! Take a look through all of our Pandora products on Boulevard Diamonds official website and you can browse, ask questions and purchase with ease!


Make this Christmas special – but also every day from now on. A Pandora Charm is a never-ending show of thoughtfulness and love for whoever is on your holiday list. Do it with Pandora!