Looking For the Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings

Looking For the Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings

You are head over heels for that special someone. Your plans for the future are similar. And, believe it or not, your family approves.

So, it’s time to start thinking about the process that will ultimately lead to you being on a wonderful honeymoon somewhere in the warm south.

But there’s a lot to do before then: there’s the wedding itself and the large amount of planning behind it, the bachelor and bachelorette parties and, of course, the proposal itself. This is the moment you’ll both remember most of all – the moment you were surprised and overjoyed, all at once.

So, buying the perfect diamond engagement ring is an important task. A VERY important task!

Here’s a few things you should know while shopping for a diamond engagement ring:



Somewhere between meeting your better-half and proposing, they are bound to mention what style of diamond rings (and jewelry, in general) they like.
The shape of the diamond, the settings that surround it and the type of band (silver, gold, bronze, etc) are very important when diamond engagement ring shopping.



Lastly, you need to find something that is special and unique to your partner. Something that looks like them.

It is common these days for couples to shop together, but I think any partner would love being surprised by a ring chosen especially for them by their loved one. You’ve spent months, and maybe even years, with your future fiancé. You know their style. Trust yourself and choose something!



Time and money – the way of the world. And there’s no exception when buying a diamond engagement ring.

The old saying was ‘spend two months’ salary’ but, don’t pay attention to that.

Spend what you can afford and what your partner would like for you to spend. If it’s four months’ salary you want to spend on that special ring, then do it!

The most important thing is finding the ring. And to do that, give yourself lots of time to search. And by that, I mean months. After all, once ordered, it can take up to six weeks to arrive.



When you’re searching, just be involved. Get in touch with experts and have a friend jump on board if need be. Don’t go out to your nearest Edmonton jewelry store and buy one, ask questions and really look.

The experts at Boulevard Diamonds can answer questions you have, as well as offer up advice from 16+ years of experience as an Engagement Ring Store in Edmonton.

Online you can get some valuable information as well. Take this article on why choosing an online jewelry store is best for example.

Or this article on what you should know while buying a diamond ring.

The internet is a pool of knowledge at your disposal before you purchase that perfect diamond engagement ring.

Lastly, HAVE FUN

This is a jewelry search like no other, so enjoy the thrill of the hunt and put your entire heart behind it!