Are You Getting Engaged? Here are 5 Do’s And Don'ts For New Year’s Eve Proposals

Are You Getting Engaged? Here are 5 Do’s And Don'ts For New Year’s Eve Proposals

While the end of the year means New Year's celebrations for many, it also doubles as an opportunity for others to add excitement to the New Year with proposals!

Around this time of the year, there is a special atmosphere and closeness among friends and family that offers numerous perfect opportunities to "pop the question." If you thought about proposing for some time now, New Year's Eve could make this event something you and your loved one will remember for the rest of your lives.

Are you thinking about proposing? Here are the 5 Do's and Don'ts for New Year’s Eve proposals.



The Do's

1. Always surprise your loved one. Even if the proposal is somewhat expected, organizing an event that will catch your significant other off guard will really make them feel special. This will create your own love story that you can both cherish and gladly share with others.


2. Talk to your future fiancée about engagement rings. There may be a special characteristic or design they have in mind.  Maybe they like cluster diamond rings over solitaire. Maybe they would prefer a round diamond over a heart-shaped. Engagement rings are meant to be shown, so it is crucial to get your partner something they like.


3. There are ways of being subtle so as to maintain the surprise.  For example, you can try getting a friend or family member to inquire about your significant other's preference and then secretly report back to you. When searching for the perfect engagement ring, Boulevard Diamonds is the place to visit. If you left things for last minute or are still unsure about her exact preference, come in and our expert jewellers can help you narrow down the options to the right choice. Find us at 10200 102 Avenue Northwest C221, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4B7, Canada. Plan a romantic trip somewhere she always wanted to go or organize a lovely dinner at a place of importance for you both.  Make sure you avoid the New Year's crowd, especially if she likes privacy. The location of the proposal will be one of the details everyone wants to know about.


4. Capture every moment of the proposal. It may seem weird at the time, but capturing the engagement on film will create a wonderful memory you will both treasure for years to come.  Have a friend do it, or place the camera somewhere hidden. The look on both of your faces will be priceless when you decide to re-watch it one day.


5. Celebrate with your friends and family after the engagement is official. The very act should be a private and intimate moment, but you will want to share it with your friends and family later on. You will all be happy to share this touching moment.



The Don'ts

1. Never make a public spectacle out of the engagement. It is something that should be between the couple, especially if your loved one isn't comfortable around large groups of people.  Having privacy will mean the world to her as she won't have to hide any emotions.


2. It is the holiday season, but don't let New Years plans outshine your engagement proposal. Entering the new era of life together is special, but randomly asking the question is not enough.  Make it meaningful and unique, something both of you will remember as the most beautiful day of your lives.


3. Never hide the engagement ring. People sometimes come up with ideas to put it in a champagne glass, food, flowers, Christmas tree or gifts. Not only is it cliché, but most people actually prefer the traditional way of someone opening a small box and presenting them with the ring personally. Another thing to consider is that if you're going to spend a great deal of money on a ring, then a great deal of care should be taken to ensure it doesn't get food in the cracks and crevices.  Even worse would be hiding it so well that it gets lost or stolen.


4. Avoid apologizing during your proposal speech. Ask with confidence and do not doubt the answer. Being confident in your proposal will make it easier for you to receive a confident “yes.”


5. Avoid alcohol before the proposal. If you're nervous, you may be tempted to drink a little more with every nerve-wracking moment that passes.  Being drunk or even just a little tipsy when proposing is not attractive and will make the proposal seem like a joke. Your partner may find your intentions insincere and this could affect the answer to your question.




New Year’s Eve is a great time to propose to your loved one before beginning a new chapter in your life. The festive atmosphere provides an ideal scenery, while your friends and family are already dressed up and ready to celebrate with you.

While the act alone is important, you should always be aware of the things you should or should not do.  

Remember to enjoy the moment since you and your love will remember it as one of the greatest moments that started your new life together.